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The 10 most efficient jQuery galleries around the web



If you are graphic designer, web-designer or photographer, you certainly have already got the idea to create your own website. You thought also on the content of the pages of your website, as well as on your prices, address and telephone number, your services etc…All is ok, but the most important is your pictures you will add to different information.

Pictures are in the middle of your website, the first thing you have to let show before services or prices.

In case your website includes only one page, how will it happen? Will it be a page of information or a gallery of pictures? I think that the correct answer is the gallery of pictures.
Today, with help of jQuery scripts, it is really easy to create a beautiful gallery with a good design.

Find now below a selection of the best 10 beautiful jQuery galleries, you will ber able to use for your portfolio and other pictures showrooms.

Gallery 1


10 best jquery gallery

An incredible gallery, the pictures are displayed in a large size and a viewer helps your to surf between all pictures.

Url :
Demo :

Gallery 2

Thumbnails Navigation Gallery with jQuery

10 best jquery gallery

A good gallery which could be used as a complete website! I encourage you to use it.

Url :
Demo :

Gallery 3

Multimedia Gallery for Images, Video and Audio

10 best jquery gallery

This gallery allows you to display a row/line of small pictures on one page.
Clic on each of them and it appears in a high definition. The interesting thing of this website results of the possibility to display pictures as well as videos and music!

Url :
Demo :

Gallery 4

Awesome Mobile Image Gallery Web App

10 best jquery gallery

This is gallery with a good design which looks like iPhones apps. It is why this gallery is perfect to display on your mobile.

Url :…-web-app/
Demo :…lbums_container

Gallery 5

10 best jquery gallery

By my point of view I really like this gallery, its use is very easy and its design is fluid and clean. It is perfect to display lot of pictures.

Url :
Demo :

Gallery 6

Piecemaker – 3D Image Slider Uses Tweener Engine

10 best jquery gallery

This is an original art to display pictures. With its turning 3D effect, you will certainly surprise your visitors. You do not have to miss it.

URL + Demo : 2

Gallery 7

Zoomable jQuery Image Gallery

10 best jquery gallery

Manage your space with this gallery which displays your pictures as thumbs. Then moving the mouse other a thumb, it brightest, and by a click, the picture appears in a big size. But this gallery is not recommended for all type of websites, please check it before to make your choice!

Url + Demo :

Gallery 8

Galleria A JavaScript gallery for the Fastidious

10 best jquery gallery

This gallery allows you to concentrate lot of pictures as thumbs in one unique blog and in a high definition on the top. It is really useful for the websites without big space.

Url + Demo :

Gallery 9


10 best jquery gallery

This gallery displays a type of carousel with an effect of transition and amazing reflects.
You can use it in case you need to display small galleries! You have to check it!

Url + demo :

Gallery 10

Supersized jQuery plugin

10 best jquery gallery

This gallery displays your pictures in a full mode with an incredible transition effect. It is perfect for a photographer to present his work.

Url :…d-controls/
Demo :

Take care, some of these galleries need a high quality server, almost in case you need to publish lot of pictures, then i.e., do not forget to think about Cloud VPS to access to a good bandwitch and to a high quality hosting service.

With this selection, I hope I persuaded you to create easy a clear portfolio, because remember , the most important is you display your realizations, forget other things and try to maje the surprise by displaying your pictures.

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The 10 most efficient jQuery galleries around the web

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